Witness to History

The Dawn of Jewish printing

View rare incunabula printings and explore how the printing press helped shape Jewish destiny as "People of the Book".  Some pieces include: initial print of Josephus Flavius 1470, first century Jewish historian and The Book of Prophets 1494, by Don Samuel De Ortas, printer of Christopher Columbus’s astronomical tables which aided in his discovery of the New World.

The Triumph of Survival
​On display are relics bearing witness to early Jewish persecution and oppression. View censored books and ghetto documents of the Middle Ages and  surviving remnants of the Holocaust. Behold the endurance of the Jewish people despite all odds. 

 The Talmud Takes Shape
Behold the five-hundred-year evolution of the Talmud from Soncino and Bomberg to the  Vilna Shas of modern day.  Witness the determination and disputes of the early print houses and see the stamp of a young girl Ella, typesetter for the famed Frankfurt Talmud of 1699. 


Jewish Life Through the Ages

Experience a vignette into ancient Jewish observance and ritual through artifacts including antique tefillin and tzitzit, illustrated Haggadahs, and the influential Book of Customs from 18th Century Amsterdam.  


Charting the Holy Land 
Famed cartographers from The Renaissance Era map the Holy Land in striking detail using wood cut illustrations. Share the fascination for the Biblical land of Israel as crafted by cartographers of the Golden Age of map making.


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